World’s leading
flower designers

Welcome to the world of Daniel and Nele Ost.

A world where it’s all about beauty, art and craftsmanship.

A new flower comes into bloom…

From childhood on, Daniel Ost had a passion for flowers, plants and all other elements of nature. As the eldest of 6 children, he was forced into the military, but soon figured out a way to chase his dreams. He eventually became a master florist and has since been regarded as the world’s leading flower designer.

As of today, his main focus lies on garden and landscape design, an alternative for the ephemeral art of flower arranging. However, with his daughter Nele next in line, his knowledge, skills and experience remain in the family…

The apple doesn’t fall far…

Nele, who was born and raised between flowers, vases, ceramics and other beauty, is following in her father footsteps. She gained experience outside the family business and thanks to that background in fashion and hospitality she developed a great eye for detail and sense of colors.

Now, together with her fantastic team, she wants to scale up the company and set the standard even higher. Her objective? Continue her father’s legacy but develop her own style!

From a small town to the entire world

What started in 1979 as Floreal, a small, independent business run by Daniel and Marie-Anne Ost from their home in the heart of the Waasland region, has since grown into an internationally renowned firm. Today, master floral designers Daniel and Nele Ost still work in the eighteenth-century building in Sint-Niklaas, but this is in no sense a limitation. Travelling 500 km to find a specific orchid, supplying the floral entourage for the wedding of a sheik in the middle of a desert or for the holy temples in Kyoto, drawing inspiration from other cultures: the Daniel Ost team travels the world to bring the most exclusive assignments to a sublime conclusion.

An unlimited passion for flowers and the skill to convey emotions through natural elements is what makes each creation an unparalleled work of floral art. Daniel and Nele Ost’s ever-growing customer base all around the world understands this like no other. Increasing international acclaim has since led to the steady growth of the company both in Belgium and abroad.