Floral decorations can make or break your event. That’s one thing we’ve learned over the years. Our team has been called upon for many different occasions. Ranging from a royal wedding or a huge corporate event all the way to an intimate birthday party or a cozy family dinner. We have done it all.

Each and every time, we try to create breathtaking decorations so that both the client and guests are enchanted by our artistry, sophistication and beauty. We strongly believe that excellence lies in the details, and by implementing this credo, we produce world’s most refined events. Our team can set up and orchestrate the event that you are dreaming of. Here below you can find some of our achievements, and we have many other referrals upon request:

Royal Wedding, Ajman (UAE)

Designed in collaboration with Designlab Experience. A structural direction pioneered an abstract, dynamic design centered around fresh floral installations. The elements of the space were characterized by sculptural shapes and interacted to create a three-dimensional experience.

Royal Wedding, Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Our work has always been admired in the Middle East, thus it comes to no surprise that Daniel and Nele Ost were appointed by His Majesty The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi to look after the floral decorations of his wedding.

Table Decorations at Takashimaya, Tokyo (Japan)

 The Japanese luxury department store ‘Takashimya’ invited us for a series of table decorations. The building became important cultural heritages in the nineties, the first ever department store to receive such honor.

Charity Dinner ‘Erasmus Foundation’, Terhulpen (Belgium), 2004

For over 25 years, Team Ost created the floral decorations of the annual charity dinner of the ‘Erasmus Foundation’ in the Castle of Terhulpen, close to Brussels.

During this charity event, money was raised to promote scientific research at hospitals.

Private Wedding, Waasmunster (Belgium), 2010

An intimate wedding in the private stud farm of the groom’s family. The modest table decoration contains white branches with over twenty white flowers such as sweet pea, roses and Eustoma.

Royal Wedding, Riyadh (Saudi-Arabia), 2012

For this opulent royal wedding in the desert climate of Riyadh Team Ost designed gigantic pillars and umbrellas with colorful Kalanchoë.