Daniel and Nele Ost and their team create astonishing floral exhibitions, worldwide recognized as a true form of art. They have been invited to numerous museums, art galleries and spectacular locations all over the globe. With their floral beauty, they are able to thrill the audience each and every time. Flowers, plants, leaves, twigs, grass, reed and even fruit and vegetables are the leading figures of their stories.

Beauty lies in the details, which is the basis of their philosophy. Together with their team of experts they translate the wildest ideas into reality. Very closely but also worldwide, the Daniel Ost team strives towards de perfect symbiosis between setting, architecture, décor and floral art. The result? Exhibitions like you have never seen before!

Exhibition ‘Shiseido’, Tokyo (Japan), 2005

In 2005, the famous Japanese cosmetics giant Shiseido invited Daniel Ost and his team to create a Christmas exhibition at their prestigious headquarters in Tokyo.

It was the beginning of a long-lasting collaboration…

Ohara Residence & Museum, Kurashiki (Japan), 2015

It was February 2015 when Daniel Ost received permission to organize an exhibition in and around the Imperial Quarters of the Ohara Museum. The museum, founed in 1930 by billionaire textile magnate Magosaburo Ohara, owns one of the largest collections of Western art, including works of Monet, Renoir, Matisse and many others.

Ghent Floralies, Ghent (Belgium), 2016

An impressive installation by Daniel and Nele Ost at the Ghent Floralies, one of the world’s most important flower festivals. The object symbolizes de bridge between East and West.

Both Western materials – laurels – as Eastern – bamboo and cherry blossom – were used for the gigantic object.

Exhibition ‘Kinkaku-Ji’, Kyoto (Japan), 2009

Daniel Ost was the first Westerner ever to be allowed into Kinkaku-Ji, the Golden Pavilion, for an exhibition.

This famous temple, covered with rolled gold, is recognized as Unesco world heritage.