Gardens & Landscaping

Daniel Ost is much more than floral art. For decades, we have been designing gardens and landscapes, both for private and public clients. What started as a little side project has grown into an autonomous business department. Our experienced team of garden and landscape architects, together with our in-depth knowledge of flowers, plants and trees, ensure that we come up with a unique concept each and every time. Whether it’s a small garden in the city, a large park or a public shopping street, all our designs are like a cure against ephemerality: evergreens which are beautiful all year round. In 2014 we’ve been selected in the top 7 European garden designers by the renowned German Luxus Gärten for the design of one of private gardens.

You can now enjoy our designs from Las Vegas to Saint-Tropez and from Qatar to Japan. Check out some projects we’ve done here, other referrals are available upon request:

Tuin Hong Kong

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Redesign Public Shopping Street, Sint-Niklaas (Belgium)

In 2013, we were appointed by the city of Sint-Niklaas, Daniel Ost’s hometown, to redesign the most important shopping street.

The avenue, 600 meters long and 14 meters wide, is the hub of the action of the city center, and required a full makeover.

By using an uneven mixture of different shades of granite and Belgian blue stone – selected carefully – in combination playful shapes of boxwood and trees, it became the new hotspot of the city center.

In 2014, the Flemish Government awarded our design the first in the category ‘urban design’.

Private Garden, Sint-Niklaas (Belgium)

This garden is located on one of the busiest streets in Sint-Niklaas. The client, who runs a real estate office, requested something completely out of the box that would attract a lot of attention.

The result is a playful combination of large (semi) hemispheres in weathered steel, artificial grass and water elements. And a lot of attention!

Design rooftop terrace Laurent Perrier, Tokyo (Japan), 2010

The famous French Champagne brand Laurent-Perrier is one of our most loyal clients and we’ve had the honour to work for them on many different occasions.

In 2010, we created the elegant ‘Cuvée Rosé-garden’ on the top of the iconic Chanel Building in Tokyo, Japan.